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Find Answers to Questions on Fair Compensation for Your Church Staff

How much should you pay? Deciding on what to pay your staff is a balancing act many churches face.

There are two sides to this balancing act. On one hand, staff salaries come right out the offering plate and donations.  Churches want to spend that money wisely. On the other hand, the church is responsible for taking care of their spiritual leaders, allowing them to provide for their families.

How will your church steward your resources while paying staff fairly? 

The reality of not paying your church staff fairly will result in losing great people called to be in your ministry.

Losing great people means losing momentum.

Losing momentum means losing ministry impact.

Losing ministry impact means not achieving your church’s mission.

These unsung heroes rarely ask for recognition. They do what they do because they love God and love people. They also have real financial needs just as your church has a lot of different efforts that require financing.

This is why we teamed up with Vanderbloemen Search Group to create an eBook full of feedback from 5,000 church staff members nationwide on their compensation. We’ve used that data to provide you with a range of average pay for seven specific positions (for three different sizes of churches) to start to answer the questions on fair pay.

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll be getting:

  • A candid look at the negative effects of paying your church staff too low of a salary and how it will affect your ministry impact 
  • Accurate data on salary ranges for different church sizes and types of positions
  • Characteristics to consider on the experience and education for each position
  • Factors that influence compensation such as benefit package, cost of living, church size, and more

Despite all the insights in this guide, data is only helpful with context. Since every church is unique, consider your church’s characteristics when determining a pay structure. 

This guide won’t remove all the complexities, but it will help you get started.